Saturday, December 22, 2012

What Happened to Global Warming?!

A year ago, I walked out into my garage, sat on my BMW RT, played with the controls, started it is up.... played with the electric windscreen, turned on the electric seat, and, after warming up a bit, revved the throttle a few times... My blues were starting to fade just a bit... and then, the inevitable.... I killed the engine, turned off the ignition, and went back in the house to get out of the freezing cold.

It was at that point that I opened my laptop and did something I'd been thinking about for a while, I signed up with "Blogger" and launched "Through the Visor".   Although I had never "published" anything, except scientific research articles, I had an urge to express some of my thoughts, and observations, that come from several years of riding.  And since winter had set in, and it was going to be weeks, if not months before I would out riding again, blogging about motorcycles and motorcycling was going to be my new-found "outlet".    In retrospect this was one of the best things I had ever done.  Not only did Through the Visor fulfill the short-term goal of getting my mind off the fact that the bikes were sitting idle in the garage, blogging about motorcycling has opened a surprisingly satisfying outlet.

So, when I went into the garage on Thursday morning, opened the door and saw this:

I knew it was going to be a while before I enjoyed riding one of these:

Has all this talk about global warming been just that, a whole lot of talk?!

But you know... I don't feel as badly about the weather-imposed riding hiatus as I did a year ago.  Sure, I'll be missing riding to work whenever I feel like it, heading off with a friend to discover a new small town cafe, heading out for several days on the road, or just scratching the itch on a Sunday afternoon.   But, Through the Visor has done its part to help fill the void associated with parked bikes connected to battery tenders.

This coming year, in addition to all things moto,  I hope to publish more ride reports, perhaps some gear reviews and as always, reflections from the road.  I am excited for the New Year ahead and looking forward to more tales to tell.  I hope you are as well!


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